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Evening Meditation


An evening meditation is an opportunity to reflect on your progress of becoming a better stoic. Although the stoic considers the past to be indifferent, this reflection is a learning opportunity - an opportunity to become a better stoic.

Unafraid of his own shortcomings, Seneca made time daily to reflect on his entire day. He believed that this routine self-examination would help curtail - over time - his bad habits and vices. For his shortcomings he would pardon himself and pledge "to never do that again". (On Anger, Book III, XXXVI)


While reprimanding his flaws, he also acknowledged and gave himself credit for any actions that day, that were worthy of praise. For Seneca, this entire exercise calmed his sprit and readied him for a restful sleep.

Ask yourself:

  1. What did I do well today?

    • Make time to appreciate that.

  2. What did I do poorly today?

    • How can I affect positive change when confronted with this event again?

  3. What bad habit or vice have I checked today?

    • In what respect am I better?

  4. What opportunity did I miss today? 

    • Seize upon these opportunities the next time they present themselves.

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