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We are players on a stage...Be your best!


Epictetus, in verse 17 of his Handbook, tells us that we are merely actors in a play; our role and our time on stage have already been chosen for us by another (predetermined). However, it is within our power to act our role to the very best of our ability. 


There is nothing complacent in the character, morals and actions of a true stoic. They were very active in their communities: shakers and movers. Champions of truth, justice, courage, and discipline.

Stoics believed that we are born rational beings, endowed with physical and mental abilities that we are obligated to develop fully - consistent with contemporary moral precepts. They also understood that a person's ability to contribute to society may be constrained by their position in life or disabilities that limit what they can do.

For those that were able - equipped with sharpened skills and virtuous intent - they could pursue a role and perform it admirably. 

 "...what a person can do, they ought to do..."


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