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The "big picture" view from above


Get grounded. Take an imaginary flight and look down onto your world to discover your place in the cosmos.

In this mental exercise start by looking down, from above, onto yourself.


Now zoom out to see:

  • those that are close by you in your home or office.

  • neighbours living nearby, or coworkers in the floors above and below you.

  • other people in your neighbourhoods, communities and town.

  • other people in the businesses that make your communities click, and your town hum.


Continue to zoom out and take notice of:

  • neighbouring towns and counties.

  • neighbouring countries...around the world.

  • the many people just like you making a living for themselves and their families.


Zoom out again and imagine:

  • our world in the expanse of the cosmos.

  • the ticking clock that marks our time in this world.

  • the communities of people that have come before us and will come after us.

To what end?


This exercise helps us recognize that:


  • We are part - a small part - of something much bigger than ourselves. As  part of a bigger community, we share a common bond with others: to thrive and build better communities for the world we share.

  • Life and matters are impermanent. Our time in this world is short and we are subject to powers of nature far greater than our own powers. Make good use of your time.

  • Our problems - in relation to our place in the universe - are small. However, our philosophy can help us overcome many problems. We have the ability to recognize the things we can and can't control, and the wisdom to look with indifference on external things that add no real value to our mental well being. 

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